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Virtual Zoom Magic Shows

Everyone gets a "Front Row Seat"! 

COVID-19 has temporarily changed how we interact with one another. Many companies who traditionally book Coby for a live magic and mind reading show, have changed gears and are now booking his virtual magic and mentalism show. Through the magic of online meeting platforms like “zoom” the show provides and interactive playground for clients to unite their employees and staff in a fun and fully immersive and interactive experience. One of the largest challenges was to make it look and feel just as real as if you were seeing the show live and in person- explains professional magician Coby Elimelech. “We have added so many more elements to rule out any “camera or online editing tricks” so viewers at home will actually experience the magic live as if they were with Coby in person. Many of Coby’s signature magic effects and routines have had to be reworked and revamped to accommodate the online market.


This zoom magic show will amaze your guests, and will WOW them with magic and mentalism effects the will literally BLOW their Minds! Coby will guess personal things like a “first kiss, favourite teacher, first pet, favourite food…. In addition, all of Coby’s material is 100% clean and appropriate content for all ages, so feel free to include the whole family in the show.

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Super Interactive

Here's why Zoom Virtual Magic Shows are great for your Corporate Event!

A fun and interactive experience for staff and employees 

Great for “team building” activities

A creative way to unite many who may be working remotely from home

The magic can be customized to your company theme , logo , or message.

Cost Effective - no production, sound , light, banquet hall rental.. 

Coby has more availability as travel and accommodation time is virtually non-existent- Coby performs the corporate magic show right from his professional in-home studio.

The zoom show can accommodate up to 1000 guests. 


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Here’s how a virtual magic show with a highly skilled magician can help amplify your corporate event, or company party. 


  1. Financial: Virtual magic shows are much more affordable than on-site shows. Less cost of space and overhead means you get to pay less while incorporating more people. 

  2. Connection: By hiring a magician for a virtual show, you have the ability to connect your people from any location. It’s never been easier to connect your employees with an engaging group activity. 

  3. Reduces Stress: Every person on the planet experiences some sort of daily stress. Work or home life related. This stress can cause anger, irritability. It’s also very counterproductive. A virtual magic show relaxes you into an engaging experience promoting a relaxed state of complete awareness. 

  4. Fun: One of the biggest things employees care about in a work structure is the ability to connect with their peers. By creating a unique experience where people engage and grow together, you have the recipe for a unique group activity improving the work culture happiness index. 

Virtual magic shows are the cutting edge experience within the virtual experience economy. It’s designed specifically to bring your team together, improve morale and allow you to invite your clients to a curated experience that will make you stand out. 


Team Building

Virtual Team Building will engage everyone with mind blowing magic. Coby will name your first kiss, first pet, and even have the magic happen in your own hands at home! 

cobys virtual magic show

Mind Blowing Magic and Mind Reading Performed Live. Engage your entire office with real unclose and professional magic.

Does Your Desire For Awe Still Remain?

How is it possible to re-capture that magic during covid? In-person magic shows are unfeasible because of physical interaction. Yet we still want to feel a connection, after all - it’s a part of us.

At this point you’re probably very good at doing many of your tasks virtually. Entertainment is no different, just ask your friend Netflix.

However you probably haven’t had a face-to- face magic show experience that defies what you believe to be real. Something that confronts the way you’ve come to understand your personal reality.

The best part is that you get to do this with others. 

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