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Top 5 mistakes when booking a Magician for your Party

Magic Show entertainment is on the rise. In a recent Canadian Survey, about 30 percent of all corporate events and holiday parties hire a professional magician or mentalist for their event. All Talent TV shows, such as America’s Got Talent, and Penn and Teller’s Fool Us Shows are featuring the best party magicians in the country. When hiring a magician for a company event or holiday party, here are 5 simple things to look for which will ensure a positive and “magical” experience for your guests.

Video Footage Sample. Watch some of the magicians’ show footage before booking. This may sound obvious, but its surprising how many people and event planners will just book a local magician they found online. They assumed they must be great because they saw a cool picture of them fanning a deck of cards. It is vital to watch some of the magician’s video footage before making your decision. Look for things like: Does he or she look well presented and put together? Are they engaging? Are they doing the same old Magic Tricks that “uncle Sam” does? How does the audience react? (this is a great indicator as to how your guests will react too.)

Price usually dictates value. There is a big difference between a professional magician that charges $500.00 for a show and $5000.00 for a show. Understandably we all work on budgets, but a poor performance usually will reflect really badly on the person that booked them, and the reverse is also true. The guests’ usually won’t remember the speeches, or how good the food was, or the quality of the music, but they will remember how awesome (or not) the entertainment was. Top pro’s are charging high dollar for a reason - because they are worth it! So try to spend as much as you can when it come to quality.

Reviews: In a time where every product and service is bought and sold based on reviews from past clients, it is surprising to see how many magicians and magic shows are booked without ever reviewing the feedback or testimonials. Also, make sure the reviews are legit. This can be done by contacting some previous clients and simply asking them about their experience of the magic show. Previous clients that had a positive experience with the magician are almost always happy to recommend them to others.

Booking Contract. A contract or performance agreement with the magician or talent agency protects both parties. The number 1 fear of customers who booked a magician for the first time for their company’s holiday party, was that they would NOT show up to the event. A contract and a contract rider solves this in most cases.

Insurance: Most clients who book live entertainment almost always don’t think of this. Imagine this scenario - The magician you hired does a magic trick involving fire in your living room and by mistake burns down the carpet or worse! A spectator that was helping the magician gets injured. Although very rare, it does and can happen. A professional magician that carries liability insurance displays a certain level of professionalism. It also is a clear indicator that they do many events a year which displays their level of experience. Also many banquet halls won’t allow live entertainment without performers liability insurance. It’s peace of mind that a professional entertainers should carry.

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