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7 things you need to know when booking a virtual corporate event

Live Entertainment hasn’t stopped professional magician from performing. Coby has taken much of his magic and mind reading show on-line. It was a very challenging project as convincers are needed constantly to let his virtual audience know that the magical illusional you are viewing on your screen are exactly as they appear to be if you were with him live. It takes getting used to but usually after the first few min. of the corporate magic and mind-reading show begins , people forget that its virtual!

Coby believes that nothing will replace the traditional live and in personal performance, but these times out of necessity have created a new show virtually- no pun intended!

Clients now can be literally anywhere in the world and experience the magic literally in the hands, hearts, and minds.

When booking a virtual corporate entertainer for your next event, here are some suggestions that will make it successful.

  1. Do a trial run before the show to ensure the tech is set up properly. The last thing you want is to have 100+ people connected for an award celebration or a sales meeting and video and sound don’t work properly. Use proven meeting conference web tools like zoom, or Webex. A wired internet connection is always better over wireless.

  2. Have a moderator. This will ensure things go smoothly and whoever’s audio or video needs to be “spotlighted” will work.

  3. Arrive early. Just as if it were live, walking in in the middle of a show can be very disruptive to fellow attendees.

  4. Dress up. No one wants to see you in bed in your pyjamas at a corporate event or company party even if its virtual.

  5. The Virtual Corporate Entertainer has prepared for your event and you should too. Ensure its age appropriate if you are planning to have the little ones there.

  6. Lights, Camera, Action. Make sure you are situated in a well lit area and away from distractions. It’s important for your fellow guests to see you too just like if it were live and in person.

  7. Have Fun. Even if you are not there live and in person, treat the corporate event as if it were. Meeting Planner’s , CEO’s and organizers are all doing their best during this time, so get engaged and have fun. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy the show!

Virtual corporate entertainment is here to stay. It’s super practical, and much more affordable than traditional live event entertainment. Have your company holiday party or corporate meeting engaged in Immersive group team building experiences! Let’s get creative with how and what we book to bring our employees and staff together. Let’s show our appreciation to them even if its virtually and on-line. Magic and Mind-Reading shows have always been fun and interactive and is one of the most popular forms of virtual corporate entertainment. Visit us here for more information to book.

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